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Headwaters LLC

Headwaters LLC

A partner for watershed restoration and conservation initiatives that improve water quality and ecosystem resiliency.

About Headwaters

Upper James River restoration work underway through Trout Unlimited

Our work

Headwaters is a conservation partner that supports the good work underway across the Mid-Atlantic landscapes - including the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River watersheds for agricultural conservation, urban stormwater management, and coastal restoration.  We do this in support of project funders and their grantees through on-site visits and working with the boots-on-the-ground to deliver the best assistance for ensuring the desired environmental outcomes.

Our team

Kristen Saacke Blunk established Headwaters in 2012 to support watershed restoration and water quality-based initiatives initially in the Chesapeake Bay.  Over time, the "field liaison" role has expanded to support project development and implementation by many partners within the Delaware River Basin and portions of the Ohio River across the Central Appalachians.    Headwaters is a part of a Conservation Collaborative with Woods & Waters Consulting.  Kristen can be reached at kristen@headwaters-llc.org and (814)360-9766.  

Jake Reilly, Director of NFWF's Chesapeake Bay Program with Stroud, CBF, TU, and Bradford Co CD

Our partners

Through the work of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and other Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River watershed funders across the region, many of the conservation partners are making great strides to significantly improve water quality through nutrient and sediment reductions and to improve ecosystem resiliency for habitat benefits as well.  

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Comes visit!  There's a wonderful bakery and coffee across the street from our office.  Contact Kristen at kristen@headwaters-llc.org.  

Headwaters LLC

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